Vehicle collision shock absorbing system
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Vehicle collision shock absorbing system




Most of the current vehicle body by collapsing type (structural impact), the use of metal and plastic deformation to absorb impact shock forces, high-speed impact, often resulting in serious injury or death car crash, the metal is not easy recovery, often resulting in supplies.

Metal materials science and technology in the automotive industry the country also has a gap, indirectly also affect the safety of vehicles and passengers, so it has no chance to understand why the public should see the real real car crash test videos.

The principle of collision safety system buffer is the oil pressure using a special design (institutional impact), the use of the incompressible hydraulic and pneumatic characteristics of compressible slow down when the shock force of collision.

Although it has basic knowledge of using oil pressure, but the whole system break old concepts, systems, and combined use of Chinese Tai Chi (Yiroukegang) concept largely rebutted those claims, the actual impact of the impact force in most of the buffer by the collision safety system to absorb, so the metal body structure and will not cause a large number of deformation and damage to the car's occupants. General vehicle crash if the buffer security system installed, the first line of defense is absorbed by the plastic bumper, the second line of defense security system by the absorption of the collision buffer, and the third line of defense by the crash cushion safety systems and common absorption of a strong body of metal structures the impact force, the formation of solid protection system.

If the vehicle is fitted with this system in case of high-speed collision, the system play a role in enabling high-speed into the speed, the body changes from the original was completely destroyed only damaged, and personnel from the original death may turn to survival.

This is why the crash cushion is installed on the test vehicle safety system can impact many times without damage to the very serious, testers still live perfectly healthy so far.

Crash cushion safety systems design, the reference to the concept of aircraft shock strut, and so can effectively impact the principle of time Original of the one hundred and fifty thousandths seconds (foreign test) reduced to eighty thousandths seconds (Vehicle Test Center to test); amplitude significantly reduced, which is the world in the automotive crash test never appeared on the waveform Figure! This is proof of this collision buffer vehicle security system provides higher safety standards and the system will not cause an accident and components body structure was seriously damaged, thus reducing maintenance costs.

In the event of a chain accident, the system accepted the second impact, the crew set fire to car or body will not be severely deformed secondary damage caused by the human body, health insurance costs be reduced.

Another collision safety system has a special buffer for pedestrian impact safety regulations, such as the unfortunate collision of the pedestrian, the system will show the initial sponge phenomenon, soft case is soft, so the injury to pedestrians can be crash cushion safety systems one of the most important functions, which can effectively reduce the shock force of the collision body, reduce the load because of the metal structure, the structural integrity of the body, the auxiliary air bag can be most effective, and therefore the harm to human body reduced. prove the collision above the buffer security system is more advanced and more secure an automobile passive safety protection products.

The range that the system uses is very extensive, all things correlated with colliding are all suitable for a product. Such as train, toll booth use at a high speed,special project car, military,etc..