Vehicle collision shock absorbing system
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Vehicle collision shock absorbing system


Passive safe network analysis

Active defend the system and passive form and strike and defend systematic distinguishing

Active defend the system The passive form strikes and defends the security system
The system makes up: Adopt electrons to detect the system of examining The system makes up: Utilize oil, atmospheric pressure relevant packages and electrons to control the system
Function: Prevent the own car from bumping into his car Function: Reduce his car and bump into the injury that the own car causes
  Can bear strong impact at taking place traffic accidenting, make car body is it shake strength reduce, automobile body is it reduce to destroy to bear.

It is difficult for personnel to cause and burn the car and inserted and caused death wounded by the car body in the car.

Vehicle collision shock absorbing system and general automobile car body

Vehicle collision shock absorbing system Car body of general automobile
Principle :

Utilizing the characteristic of the atmospheric and pressure of oil , return circuit to be designed specially, the majority shakes strength but Absorption directly by the system, the small part is born by the car body.
Principle :

Utilizing car body metal and the plastic one is out of shape, bear the impact of absorbing directly
Advantage :

The system can be reused many times, the security is high, longe-lived, the low car body of fault rate is difficult to be out of shape, casualties are too low to need to use the auxiliary airbag
Shortcoming :

The car body is out of shape seriously, it is apt to cause the injury two times that panel beating and part are maintained to costly personnel, if the other thing wounds and burns the car incident to need to cooperate with auxiliary airbag and use

Vehicle collision shock absorbing system and auxiliary airbag

  Vehicle collision shock absorbing system SRS Airbag
Performance Protect voluntarily at any time, react and absorb the strength of shaking in the twinkling of an eye Passive response movements may be postponed opening
Security The true man tests, protect at the same time before and after the whole car passenger and car body, the car body is difficult to be out of shape, personnel are safer, systematic fault rate is low. The dummy is tested, only protect the front stall passenger. The car body is apt to be out of shape, personnel are easy to be injured.
Economic benefits Can reduce because the maintenance cost that the traffic accident causes by a wide margin, and it is cheap to maintain the expenses, and can reduce the expenses of the auxiliary airbag. Apt to cause car owner's burden to be heavy that the panel beating adds the auxiliary airbag expenses after the traffic accident.
Environmental protection The systematic spare part can be reused. The spare part is unable to reuse, need to buy new one.
Injury of the systematic trouble This system belongs to parts of atmospheric pressure and oil pressure to make up, fault rate is extremely low, even trouble will not cause the injury to the passenger. The auxiliary airbag belongs to the electron type, fault rate is high, for instance, the trouble is apt to cause personnel's injury.
Service life Use for more than 10 years, can transship from old car to the new car. Eliminate regularly.