Vehicle collision shock absorbing system
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Vehicle collision shock absorbing system


Real car of true man collides



Test the project: The real car of true man collides Time: November 19, 2006
Place: The automobile tests the field Tester's age: About 50 years old
Test the vehicle: Ford is 1.6 (assemble the sixth generation of gold suit of armour) , OPEL is 1.6 (assembles the fifth generation of gold suit of armour) ,NISSAN is1.2
Test the condition: Using the true man to test, does not substitute with dummy, the situation of the traffic accident may take place in reality on the complete simulation highway, the tester fastens the safety belt, does not wear other protective equipment
Test the project: Chase and knock into, the side is knocked into Target: News media
X-rays examining report of the hospital  
Test and have nothing to do with any truck of factories
Test the purpose: Test this system when the traffic accident is struck, whether have injury to load and personnel of the car body structure on the physiology?
Test the vehicle:  
This it is in the world first that invite at 50 kilometres per hour true man real car is it disclose automobile it can issue to bump into to have no safe protective equipment, the third car (Ford) About 50 kilometers chase and knock into the front second car with the speed per hour (OPEL) Rear bumper bar and suitcase, later OPEL was struck first (abundant and grand) more By the square side of left, check the third car after bumping into (Ford) ,The previous bumper bar comes off, the summer beam structure of car body has not been rolled over concavely, water tank headlight and engine room every spare part in good condition can be used normally, the bonnet and door can be opened easily, later checked the second car, back bumper bar is sunken about 20 centimeters, the panel beating is slight and damaged but the subject has not been destroyed seriously, install the proper sucking and shaking of gold suit of armour in because the front locomotive part, so the locomotive is harmless, check the square side door of the first locomotive left concave about 15 centimeters, the front and back doors are unable to open.
The tester is after this striking, the cervical vertebra is measured to taking the picture the X-rays in the general hospital of the veteran in Taibei, do not have striking once is injured, there is phenomenon of degradating because of being older for the bone in the report, this belongs to normal phenomenon, test man's cervical vertebra part for over ten years struck and tested having clinic and medical treatment that were noted down so far since 1981.



Veteran's general hospital of opened the certificate of diagnosis on November 25, 2006, proved the cervical vertebra has not been damaged