Vehicle collision shock absorbing system
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Vehicle collision shock absorbing system


The latest technology-air bag


Defense safety system is mainly responsible for absorption of impact shock force, because of people, vehicles whole concept, when the body structure and reduce the load, The relative risk of injury suffered by persons on board, they can also be.

Collision, general collapsibility metal body, metal transfer shock force to the sensor sensing time is approximately 20/1000 seconds.

Body defense security system and auxiliary airbag integration: when impact occurs, oil pressure sensor of the body's defense security system, direct response shock force to hydraulic pressure, induction time of about 3 / 1000 seconds, only the general body sensors for about 1 / 7.

Defense safety system and auxiliary airbag combination the advantages of:
Auxiliary airbag can be used hydraulic sensor of defense safety system, sensing time from 20/1000 seconds, down to 3/1000 seconds, can be more accurate and faster start-off auxiliary air bags, more Strengthen staff on board The protective.


Establishment of a hydraulic pressure switch in the actuator back-end, when the shock is greater than power settings, power supply connected to the pressure switch, auxiliary airbag broke quickly. Provide more accurate information and more sensitive to the airbag computer-assisted reading to do. effectively excluded from the auxiliary air bag should be opened without opening the dispute and missing.

Product is safe, inexpensive.