Vehicle collision shock absorbing system
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Vehicle collision shock absorbing system


Use for 3.5 Ton ~ 10Ton (Medium): Tanker、Truck、Tour Anti-riot vehicles、Street-sweeping truck、SNG Vehicle、Fire truck、Tour Vehicles


Use for After Market ASPS-9696-22-3

Tank Length (mm) 170 × 135
Tank Volume (LT) 1.6
Hydraulic cylinder volume (mm*mm) 150 × 60(2 : front or rear)、(4 : front + rear)
Hydraulic cylinder Weight (kg) 10 (× 2)
Hydraulic cylinder Full reduction (mm) 335
Hydraulic cylinder Full extension (mm) 485
Main system Volume (cm) 41.5 × 33 × 22
Main system Weight (kg) 20.5
Accumulator (cc) 300 + 500
Voltage (V) 24

Control switch installed in the driver's seat steering wheel, the upper left.
Sweeper body rear system installation is complete panorama.
The main system installed in the body left rear baghouse tank bottom.

Body rear bumper has been enhanced as a movable bumper, when the system starts moving bumper extends back to stay in state to be hit, and the formation of a safe collision buffer zone.
Movable bumper retracted position.
Movable bumper extended position.
System installation was completed in eight ton sweeper rear bumper body panoramic.
3.5 tons truck in front of the movable bumper retracted position.
3.5 tons truck in front of the movable bumper extended position.